For over eight decades Lovell Safety Management Co., LLC has been providing safe, secure, comprehensive solutions for New York employers' workers' compensation insurance.

Since 1936, we have led the market in devising innovative ways for employers in a wide range of industries to provide mandated coverage for employees — while protecting their own company's assets and cash flow.

We have earned our reputation as the premier safety group administrator in New York:

  • Lovell Safety Management is the largest, oldest and most successful group manager.
  • We document cumulative savings of more than $850 million for our group members.
  • Our staff is the most knowledgeable, experienced group of professionals in the industry.
  • Our wide range of underwriting, claims management, group accounting, and safety services has enabled group members to control workers' compensation costs and directly improve their bottom line.
  • We are your advocate. Aggressive about investigating questionable claims, Lovell is committed to securing quick, thorough delivery of medical services — expediting recovery and minimizing lost work time.

As a leader in the workers' compensation insurance field, we focus on developing comprehensive solutions that deliver financial security and significant cost savings. Our history documents those past achievements — and points toward our continued success. And yours.

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