Benefits of Membership for Your Client

When one of your customers is accepted for membership in any of Lovell’s 13 workers' compensation safety groups, you can be confident that they will automatically receive the following benefits:

  • An advance discount of up to 25% on their premium
  • The lowest fixed costs in the insurance market, including self–insurance
  • Liability limited to their own group premium
  • Protection of their dividends through excess insurance, limiting the cost of any single incident irrespective of the number of employees injured (thus ensuring against major losses for the year)
  • Direct access to numerous innovative techniques and programs developed by the Lovell staff which result in responsive medical care and early return to work for injured employees
  • Ongoing oversight and efforts to ensure reduction of inappropriate reserves, in order to achieve the most favorable experience rating credit for your customers
  • Additional cash–flow savings through a 12–installment payment plan
  • A comprehensive Service Team methodology which assigns customer satisfaction to a Lovell team comprised of professionals from each of our departments and disciplines
  • Training for their personnel in the identification and elimination of safety and health hazards
  • Lovell will interface with State Insurance Fund on behalf of client

Lovell Safety Management Co., LLC, with over 75 years of experience is an industry leader recognized for facilitating successful broker–customer relationships. We invite you to join our family of satisfied broker producers by contacting us today at 212–709–8600, or email

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