Benefits of Safety Groups

When your company is accepted for membership in any one of Lovell's 13 industry–wide workers' compensation safety groups, you automatically receive the following benefits:

  • An advance discount of up to 20% on your premium
  • A year–end cash dividend, based on the funds remaining after losses, reserves and administrative costs
  • Your liability limited to your own Discounted Group Premium
  • Protection of your dividends, through excess insurance, limiting the cost of any single incident, irrespective of the number of employees injured (thus ensuring against major losses for the year)
  • Access to Lovell's innovative Early Intervention Program and Nurse Case Management techniques, resulting in responsive medical care and early return to work for injured employees
  • Our staff's aggressive efforts to reduce inappropriate reserves, in order to achieve the most favorable experience rating
  • Additional cash–flow savings through our 12–installment payment plan
  • Our service team methodology, which assigns client satisfaction to a team comprised of professionals from each Lovell department and discipline
  • Training of client personnel in the identification and elimination of safety and health hazards
  • Facilitate the development of and administrate effective safety and health programs

Lovell delivers consistently superior performance — our staff is dedicated to planning and implementing comprehensive solutions for all your workers' compensation needs.

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