Comprehensive Services


If you're a member of one of our safety groups, you have automatic access to the comprehensive services of our Occupational Safety & Health Department. In addition, you have access, via the password–protected section of this website, to 13 industry–specific manuals our staff has developed to assist employers in devising effective safety and health programs and in complying with OSHA/PESH regulations.

While most safety recommendations need to be specific in order to be effective, here are some general guidelines:

  • Establish written safety program appropriate for the specific hazards and risks to which workers will be exposed, and then educate managers and supervisors on its implementation.
  • Provide thorough safety training for workers with periodic re–training. Involve employee in the safety process.
  • Perform regular, periodic reviews of injury risks in the workplace, and correct potential safety hazards as soon as possible.
  • Instruct managers and supervisors on incident investigation procedures.
  • If employee tasks require Personal Protective Equipment, make sure it's readily available, and then verify that the equipment is being used properly.
  • Allow adequate time for basic craft training.
  • Where appropriate, pair rookies with veterans for on–the–job mentoring.
  • Verify that safety training is working by using an established system of checks and measures.
  • Implement an incentive program in order to provide consistent and frequent recognition of accomplishment and motivation to improve.
  • If you're already a member of one of Lovell's safety groups, take advantage of our staff's expertise and industry–leading capabilities. Contact one of our safety professionals to learn how you can control potentially hazardous conditions and/or behaviors and thereby reduce claims.

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