Harold Shiffrin

Harold ShiffrinHarold Shiffrin brings 40 years' insurance industry experience to his role of Vice President, Director of Claims, at Lovell Safety Management. An early position, Claims Examiner for the State Insurance Fund, provided a strong foundation in the fundamental aspects of claims processing and management. Mr. Shiffrin was charged with increasingly more complex responsibilities as he was promoted to Senior Claims Examiner and then to Principal Claims Examiner.

Mr. Shiffrin's authoritative knowledge and vast experience in this field made him the undisputed candidate for the position of Claims Manager at the State Insurance Fund's corporate offices in New York City. Throughout the next four years, his work included implementation of statewide claims policies and procedures, involving operational monitoring and quality control systems for 800 employees, representation of the State Fund on all major Workers' Compensation Board standing committees and the drafting of industry–wide claims management standards.

Top management at Lovell recognized Mr. Shiffrin's potential value to their organization and hired him away from the State Fund as Assistant Director of Claims in 1993. His responsibilities included supervising the NY Workers' Compensation Self Insurance operation for sizable clients, handling all aspects of self insurance claims, resolving complex claims issues to obtain favorable results, liaising with the Workers' Compensation Board on claims reporting requirements and maintaining regular lines of communication with Lovell clients' Risk Managers.

Once again Mr. Shiffrin's expertise made him the obvious choice when Lovell's Director of Claims position became available. Over the past 18 years, he has strengthened Lovell's reputation for insightful case analysis and effective reserve reductions for its group members. Under Mr. Shiffrin's leadership, Lovell's Claims Department has achieved reserve reductions for the most recent policy year reviews of over $30 million for Lovell safety group members. In 2013, Hal stepped down from the position of Claims Director, but is still actively involved in the claims review and strategy process.

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