Martin Vulpis

Martin VulpisExecutive Vice President of Lovell Safety Management, Mr. Vulpis is responsible for implementing the company's day–to–day operations, and has a broad range of knowledge about the strategies and functions of each department. His steady progression through each company division and discipline has enabled him to acquire complete familiarity with all programs and services, which he has applied to developing many innovative, successful techniques.

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in business management, Mr. Vulpis joined Lovell in 1970. While working in the Underwriting Department, he became an expert on all aspects of the field, including experience rating, retrospective rating plans, and classifications. He then focused on sales and marketing, concentrating on building a sales team of highly respected industry professionals and developing a variety of marketing strategies that resulted in substantial growth for the company.

Mr. Vulpis has earned an industry–wide reputation for astute, innovative thinking. Turning his attention to improving Lovell's already–comprehensive range of services, Mr. Vulpis established service teams, which focus on client retention in various geographic areas. These teams establish closer relationships with Lovell clients, thereby providing superior service and implementing effective solutions to problematic issues.

Another innovation developed by Mr. Vulpis is Lovell's unique Early Intervention Program. This program facilitates contact among employer, injured worker and medical caregiver during the critical, initial 24–hour period. As a result of its Early Intervention Program, Lovell has realized consistent client satisfaction and higher dividends for its safety group members.

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