Municipalities #496

Classification Codes
Code Classification Description
Group #010
Estate, Gardening & Farming
0106 Tree Pruning, Repairing or Triming & Drivers
0042 Landscape, Gardening and Drivers
Miscellaneous Contracting Codes
Group #261
Street or Road Construction
5507 Street or Road Construction - Clearing of right of Way & Drivers
5508 Street or Road Construction - Rock Excavation and Drivers
5506 Street or Road Construction or Reconstruction, Paving or Repaving - All kinds and Drivers
Group #264
Clearing, Grading, Excavating
6217 Excavating - NOC - Grading of Land - NOC and Drivers
Group #273
Concrete Construction
5213 Concrete Construction – NOC Including Foundations – Guniting All Operations and Drivers
5221 Concrete or Cement Work - Floors, Driveways, Yards or Sidewalks - and Drivers
5222 Concrete Construction in Connection with Bridges or Culverts - All Types
5606 Contractors - Executive Supervisors
Group #330
Public Utilities
7539 Electric Light or Power Company, NOC - All Operations and Salesmen and Drivers
Group #331
Miscellaneous Public Works Operation
7520 Water Works Operation and Drivers
7542 Meter Readers - Utility Companies
7580 Sewerage Disposal Plant Operation and Drivers
7590 Garbage Works - Reduction or Incineration
Group #347
Automobile Service & Accessories Dealers
8391 Automobile Service/Sales/Repair etc. Shop: All other employees and parts department employees, Drivers
8394 Automobile Bus or Livery Co. - Not Taxicabs Companies: All other employees and Drivers
Group #350
Clerical & Professional Occupations
8810 Clerical Office Employees - NOC Drafting Employees
8871 Clerical Telecommuter Employees
8803 Auditors, Accountant or Factory cost or Office Systematizer - Travelling
8820 Attorney - All Employees & Clerical, Messengers, Drivers NDP
8809 Executive Officers - NOC
8742 Salesmen - Collectors or Messengers
Group #351
Instructional & Medical Professions
8868 Colleges or Schools: Professional Employees and Clerical
9101 Colleges or Schools: All Other Employees
8829 Convalescent or Nursing Home Employees
8833 Hospitals: Professional Employees
9040 Hospitals: All Other Employees
8854 Public Health Nursing Association - All Employees
Group #353
Engineering, Appraisals, & Inspection
8601 Engineering or Architect - Consulting - NPD Surveyor, Land - Not engaged in actual Construction
9410 Municipal, Township, County or State Employee, NOC
Group #360
Miscellaneous Building Operation
9015 Building - NOC - Operation by Owner or lessee - Bath Houses - Beach -recreational or educational
9026 Building Operation - Commercial dwelling occupancy except by owner or custodian
9027 Building Operation - Dwelling or combined dwelling and commercial occupancy - no more than 12 tenants *Per Location Rate
9028 Building Operation - Dwelling or combined dwelling and commercial occupancy - NOC
Group #361
Street or Road Construction
9060 Clubs, Country, Golf, Fishing
9063 YMCA, YWCA, YMHA, or YWHA institution - All Employees and Clerical
Group #363
Amusement - Outside
9016 Amusement Park or Exhibition Operation and Drivers
9102 Parks - NOC - All Employees & Drivers
9178 Athletic Team or Park: Players, Coaches, Managers, or Umpires - Non contact sports including baseball and basketball
9179 Athletic Team or Park: Players, Coaches, Managers, or Umpires - contact sports including football, hockey and roller derbies
9182 Athletic Team or Park: Operation of premises or care of team & Drivers
Group #371
Street or Sewer Cleaning and Garbage Collecting
9403 Garbage, Ashes or Refuse Collecting and Drivers
9402 Street Cleaning and Drivers Sewer Cleaning and Drivers
Group #372
Policemen & Firemen
7702 Policemen and Drivers
Group #374
9220 Cemetery Operation and Drivers

Lovell Safety Management invites you to learn how membership in your appropriate safety group can help your business.

Safety group members enjoy significant cost savings and financial security, including:

  • Year–end cash dividends
  • Cash–flow savings through advance discounts
  • Absolutely no exposure to joint & several liability
  • Liability limited to group premium
  • Employer costs are limited to the discounted premium
  • Reinsurance protection to limit the cost of any single incident
  • Early medical intervention and return–to–work strategies
  • Comprehensive service package

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