Workers' Compensation — Products and Services

Lovell Safety Management has specialized in one product for over 80 years: workers' compensation insurance — consistently safe, secure, affordable, and effective coverage. Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with the carrier and our deliberate efforts on behalf of employers, Lovell continues to refine and improve our product, allowing safety group members to enjoy significant cost savings and financial security.

In addition to the financial benefits we bring you, members of Lovell groups receive a range of services. These services distinguish Lovell's groups from all others in the industry. No other agency offers companies more experience in all facets of claims, underwriting, and safety management than Lovell. There's no other safety group manager as proactive in developing new and beneficial techniques, services, and programs to improve your experience with workers' compensation!

You are invited to learn about safety groups and the benefits afforded by membership by visiting the following sections:

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