Roofers and Sheet Metal Workers #411

Classification Codes
Code Classification Description
3066 Sheet Metal Work - Shop Only
3067 Sheet Metal Work - Shop Only
5479 Insulation Work Etc.
5538 Sheet Metal Erection, Installation Or Repair NOC - Shop Or Repair NOC - Shop Or Outside Etc.
5648 Aluminum, Plastic or Vinyl Siding Installation & Drivers
5545 Roofing - N.O.C. & Drivers
5547 Roofing - Built-up Etc & Drivers
5536 Htg. & Air Conditioning Duct Work - Shop & Outside - Drivers
5022 Installation of Pre-Cast Roof Slabs
5474 Waterproofing Application By Means Of Brush
5213 Waterproofing Application By Means Of Pressure Apparatus
5480 Waterproofing Application Of The Inside Of Buildings By Means Of Trowel
8232 Building Materials Dealers- Restricted To Those Risks Who Are Engaged In A Business Which Deals Predominantly In Roofing & Sheet Metal Supplies As Distinguished From General Building Materials Dealers
3737 Electrical Apparatus Repair
8227 Permanent Yard

Lovell Safety Management invites you to learn how membership in your appropriate safety group can help your business.

Safety group members enjoy significant cost savings and financial security, including:

  • Year–end cash dividends
  • Cash–flow savings through advance discounts
  • Absolutely no exposure to joint & several liability
  • Liability limited to group premium
  • Employer costs are limited to the discounted premium
  • Reinsurance protection to limit the cost of any single incident
  • Early medical intervention and return–to–work strategies
  • Comprehensive service package

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