Safety Groups

Safety group members enjoy significant cost savings and financial security, including:

  • Year–end cash dividends
  • Cash–flow savings through advance discounts
  • Absolutely no exposure to joint & several liability
  • Liability limited to group premium
  • Employer costs are limited to the discounted premium
  • Reinsurance protection to limit the cost of any single incident
  • Early medical intervention and return–to–work strategies
  • Comprehensive service package

What is a Safety Group?

A safety group is a collection of companies who are in the same trade or industry. They have similar work conditions, safety hazards, and job risks.

These fully insured safety groups pool all of the members' annual workers' compensation premiums and then deduct the costs of claims plus administrative charges. Any money left over after accounting for these expenses is available for payment of a dividend. All groups maintain a contingent balance to fund future increases of on–going claims.

Our safety groups have recently afforded group members an average dividend of 25–30% annually and an average discount of 20–25% annually.

Our Service teams

Lovell's unique service teams focus on serving our clients in their specific regions. We make regularly scheduled visits to our clients to review open claims and loss reports and to evaluate and discuss safety improvements and training.

Claims Reporting & Management

Lovell's Claims Department offers innovative strategies aimed at providing immediate service for every claim. We handle claims fairly, quickly, and thoroughly. Early intervention, following an employee injury or illness, is the key to Lovell's successful claims management and reduction of workers' compensation costs. Our claims department continually monitors the claim until its resolution.

Early Intervention / Nurse Case Management Services

Our Early Intervention Program coordinates medical care so that treatment received by an employee is appropriate, timely, and cost–effective. When an employee reports an injury or illness, our Nurse Case Managers are on hand to monitor and facilitate the claim process. This program provides crucial contact among employer, the injured employee, and the medical provider usually within 24 hours of any reported lost time claim.

Underwriting Services

Lovell's Underwriting Department ensures that each group member secures its workers' compensation insurance at the proper cost. Lovell's care in enrolling new group members protects our current members and helps to maintain the financial health of the group.

Lovell's underwriting staff consults with clients on audits to ensure that proper classifications have been used and that the payroll included is correct. All audit bills are reviewed for accuracy.

Experience Ratings

Your experience rating also affects your premium. Experience ratings are an annually revised factor issued by the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board that compares a company's losses and payroll to the average risk in that particular industry, and results in either a credit or a debit.

Our underwriters analyze the data sheet issued by the Rating Board on all our member companies every year. We check for accuracy to verify that each member's experience modification computation accurately reflects its experience for the previous years. This service can save premium dollars by making sure that you have the most favorable experience rating to which you are entitled.

Occupational Safety & Health Services/Loss Control

At Lovell Safety Management, we know that workplace injuries can have a profound impact on your company's fiscal health and on your employees' physical health. To minimize the potentially devastating effect on both employer and employee, Lovell's Occupational Safety and Health Department offers a comprehensive range of safety services.

Our Safety Program

Lovell Safety Management has been designing and implementing effective safety programs and practices for thousands of companies for over seventy years. Our familiarity with each group member's loss history and with the specific safety needs of our thirteen industries allows us to develop successful strategies for reducing claims. And that means cost savings for your company.

We provide the 10–hour OSHA training, as well as many other safety programs required by both federal and New York City regulations. Lovell's professional staff consists of Certified Safety Professionals (CSP), OSHA certified instructors, and certified Code 59 consultants.

Lovell's Safety Alert is a periodic newsletter packed with industry–specific safety tips and OSHA and PESH information that is sent to our clients on a regular basis. We offer guidance in complying with OSHA requirements and assistance with citations, if issued.

Code 59 Compliance

In accordance with Code 59, our Health and Safety Consultants can provide the following services:

  • An analysis of the workplace safety and loss prevention program and on site survey
  • A detailed report as required by the New York State Department of Labor

Fraud Control

No matter what the source or origin, Lovell Safety Management is committed to assisting the State Insurance Fund in uncovering and eliminating fraudulent practices.

At Lovell, our mission is to make sure that our group members get coverage at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, we recognize our responsibility to aggressively pursue investigations into any suspected cases of fraud or willful misrepresentation. The record points to our success.

What does it all mean?

  • With Lovell Safety, you get fully insured coverage under a guaranteed cost program
  • Lovell's Safety and Loss Control Services are the best available
  • We have unparalleled claims and underwriting services
  • Consistent advance discounts
  • Year–end cash dividends and
  • No joint and several liability (as in self–insured trusts)

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