Truckers, Movers and Warehouse #251

Classification Codes
Code Classification Description
7197 Parcel or Package Delivery Home Delivery from Retail Stores Including Drivers Limited to delivery of furniture only
7219 Truckman - N.O.C.
7231 Messenger & Delivery Service Companies
7242 Bicycle Delivery of Envelopes, Parcels or Packages
8291 Storage Warehouses - Cold
8292 Storage Warehouses - General Merchandise
8293 Storage Warehouses - Furniture

Lovell Safety Management invites you to learn how membership in your appropriate safety group can help your business.

Safety group members enjoy significant cost savings and financial security, including:

  • Year–end cash dividends
  • Cash–flow savings through advance discounts
  • Absolutely no exposure to joint & several liability
  • Liability limited to group premium
  • Employer costs are limited to the discounted premium
  • Reinsurance protection to limit the cost of any single incident
  • Early medical intervention and return–to–work strategies
  • Comprehensive service package

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Safety Pays Dividends

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